About Us Article

A Baker’s Story is a beautiful bakery located in the small town of Grunthal Manitoba. A Baker’s Story was purchased in April 2019 by Sue Leclair, prior to that the bakery was called Grunthal Bakery. You will still hear many of the locals refer to the bakery as such. This bakery has been around since the 1950’s. It was started by the Friesen family, who owned and operated the bakery for 50 plus years, than it sold a few times lastly in 2019 to myself, welcome to today!

So many people ask me for my story, and how a city girl came to buy and own a bakery in the small town of Grunthal. My food industry career began again in 2012 when I purchased my first business, The Pretzel Place. With the help of a business consultant I quickly grew the business and needed help keeping up with the production of my pretzels. Turns out this business consultant worked with the owners of Grunthal Bakery as well. So he made an introduction and off began the beginning of my relationship with Grunthal Bakery 9 years ago. What felt like an eternity later, the owners of Grunthal Bakery were looking to move on to new adventures and I decided it was a perfect time to again, step outside of my comfort zone and move into something new. So I purchased Grunthal Bakery, decided I needed to make it my own, so I renamed it to A Baker’s Story.

So why did a bakery appeal to me? I grew up in a home that didn’t have a lot of disposable income for extras, so we made experiences with food. I mean what family does not?? I spent much of my childhood in the kitchen with my mom baking, shucking corn with a crew of 20 family members and canning it all. My beloved grand-mother who is no longer with us was a huge voice in my head when this bakery came available for sale. She was my inspiration in choosing the name A Baker’s Story as she always had a story to tell, and those who know me, know that means she was always willing to listen to my stories as well, as I had plenty of them! To me, the story of baking is the fresh smells, the smiles that never end, the conversation had among loved ones, the memories that last a lifetime, the food fights that are inevitably going to happen, than the not as fun clean up from the fun, and the list goes on. The story is unique to everyone, but generally has the same happy ending. Even the cooking and baking experiences that end up in a disastrous fail brings a smile to our faces (in the future), for example, make sure to label your containers so you don’t mix up dish soap for oil, end result…take out and lots of mockery and laughter. Or if you want to cook an easy Mr. Noodles for lunch in the microwave, don’t forget to add water, end result… new microwave, lol.

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